Your Natural Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Kit Part 2

Natural Medicine Cabinet  Item #2:   Tea Tree Oil

The second item you need in your natural first aid kit and medicine cabinet is Tea Tree Oil, right there next to your  Lavender. Tea Tree oil  is another essential oil that is a foundational item for everyone’s medicine cabinet and first aid kit. Tea Tree Oil is a basic essential oil, but has countless uses. If you’ve never smelled Tea Tree oil, it is not necessarily aromatically pleasing like lavender, rather it has a medicinal, terpene, antiseptic aroma. Despite the strong odor, it is very gentle and can be used neat (undiluted) on adult skin.

Tea Tree Oil is distilled from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree. It has extremely effective anti-microbial properties.

How does Tea Tree Oil work?????????????

Tea Tree oil is:
analgesic-reduces pain
antibacterial-kills bacteria
antiviral-kills viruses including herpes
astringent-contracts, firms, strengthens skin and other tissues
decongestant-reduces secretions and blockages, encourages circulation and detoxification throughout the veins
immune stimulant
vulnerary (promotes wound healing)

Indications, Treatments, Uses for Tea Tree Oil


Apply 1 drop Lavender and 1 drop of Tea Tree per pimple or acne area. For a more effective acne treatment, add 1 drop of Helichrysum italicum. Don’t let the term ‘essential oils’ fool you-they can be drying to the skin, so be sure to apply a high quality organic lotion after using essential oils, or dilute your essential oils in coconut oil, that is extremely therapeutic on its own.

Tea Tree is an excellent air purifier. Combine tea tree with lemon, lavender, lemongrass, pine, or other anti-bacterial oils and diffuse for 20 minutes in a NON-HEAT nebulizer or diffuser. Great for use in hospitals, nursing homes, office, home, bedroom, workspace, childcare centers, etc.

Clean the area with warm water.
Apply a mixture of 4 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Tea Tree to cover the area.
Apply often until scab appears. (2-4 times per day)

NATURAL DEODORANTbottle with homeopathy balm and leaf
Place 1-3 drops of Lavender under each arm. You can add 1 drop of Tea tree and 1 drop of Vetiver for added antimicrobial, but vetiver is a “sticky” oil.

Place 2-6 drops of Tea Tree and 4-10 drops of lavender in shoes 1-4 times per month.

Dry brush weekly to stimulate the immune system, slough off dead skin cells, improve circulation, and keep microbes away.

Dry Brushing Method:

You can buy dry brushes at your local health food store. Dry brush when the skin is dry before bath or shower. Use 10 drops of Lavender, 5 drops Tea Tree and 5 drops Eucalyptus radiata for arms, legs and torso. Rub oils into body. Then, dry brush your body in a circular motion starting at the feet and working up toward the colon and heart, and at the hands, working toward the heart. Brush your back, abdomen, chest, buttocks. For increased effectiveness, implement dry brushing before your reboudning workout for a lymph movement powerhouse. Shower after you dry brush and you will feel the oils penetrate! I’ve done bry brushing to my forehead, temples and back of neck for instant relief for headache. When the hot water hits my skin, I can feel the headache release.

Mix 5 drops lavender, 3 drops tea tree and 1 drop Thyme thymol into a shot glass. Dip finger in and apply mixture behind ear. Apply 2-3 times daily. Mixture should last for 1 day. If the ear infection is also in the Eustachian tube (tube that runs from ear to throat), apply the mixture behind the ear and down the neck.
** Never apply essential oils INSIDE the ear canal.

Apply 1 drop lavender and 1 drop tea tree to bite as often as needed.

SORE THROATStarve a Fever
Sore throat: For pain relief and healing inflammation, irritation, infection
Try one of these methods once every 2-3 hours. You can alternate between these methods. Find one that works best for you.

Put 1 drop of tea tree on your finger and rub finger inside throat and on tongue.
Put 3 drops of tea tree in 4 oz of warm water with a pinch of sea salt. Gargle for 25 seconds.
Add 3 drops tea tree, 5 drops lavender and 2 drops peppermint to 1/4 cup of raw honey. Mix well. Take 1/2 teaspoon of honey every 2 or 3 hours.
Note: A sore throat be treated as soon as you feel that “tickle.” Treat the “tickle” before the throat becomes inflamed for best results.


Stir 3 drops of tea tree into 4 oz of warm water. Swish water around mouth as a mouthwash for 30 seconds and spit out water. Some aromatherapists do not recommend ever ingesting any essential oil, but Tea Tree oil is safe, in my opinion, to ingest on occasion, and sparingly, so if you accidentally swallow some of the mouthwash, don’t panic, you’ll be fine. Do not use this mouthwash with children. You can also use 1 drop of lavender or 1 drop of tea tree directly on the tongue, gums, tooth or mouth up to 2 times per day.

MRSA (Methicillin (or multi-drug) Resistant Staphyllococcus Aureus)
Tea Tree Oil is extremely effective for staph infections. There has been extensive research and studies, and it is becoming widely accepted as a very viable treatment to antibiotic resistant infections. Because this is such a big topic, I will write a complete post on just this subject. I have seen MRSA abscesses completely heal without the use of antibiotics (that doctors are all too quick to prescribe). In the meantime, Tea Tree oil, a drop or two at a time, can be applied directly to any abscess, boil, skin infection. Cover the area with a bandage to keep it protected and prevent contamination to other areas of the body, or to other people. It is imperative that good hand washing is used, as these types of infections are EXTREMELY contagious.

Add 1 drop tea tree, 1 Eucalyptus Globulus, 1 drop rosemary cineol and 1 drop peppermint into 1 TBSP olive oil. Mix. Take a Q-tip and soak Q-tip in mixture. Then rub mixture into both nostrils.

See “sinus congestion” for further uses in the previous  lavender post
In the Bath – make formula above and rub on chest before getting into a hot bath.
In the Shower – sprinkle 3 drops tea tree, 2 drops Eucalyptus 2 drops rosemary and 1 drop peppermint onto the shower floor immediately before shower.

Use 1 drop of tea tree daily as a daily preventative for tooth decay. Place 1 drop of tea tree on finger and rub onto gums where the gum and tooth meet. This treatment is used in Australian preventative care.

URINARY TRACT INFECTION (UTI), Cystitis, Bladder Infection
Take 1-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil mixed in a glass of water. Drink this every 20 minutes throughout the day at the beginning of an acute infection. Symptoms should diminish quickly. The frequency of consumption of the drink can be reduced after symptoms decrease and can stop once symptoms have completely resolved. Use your intuition and best judgement. Listen to your body, and let your body tell you what it needs.

YEAST INFECTION (vaginal, skin)
To treat yeast infections a holistic approach should be used. Try to reduce sugar, stay away from antibiotics, eat whole foods.
Essential oil treatments consist of direct application and sitz baths. Mix 3 drops tea tree, 5 drops lavender, Mix into a shot glass. Use 1 drop of this mixture to rub in/on the vagina 2-3 times per day. Continue as symptoms persist and discontinue use if irritation occurs.
For a sitz bath, use 4 drops of tea tree per bath and alternate between a hot and cold sitz bath.
For Tampon treatment: mix 2 drops tea tree oil with 1 teaspoon carrier oil (sweet almond oil, coconut oil). Roll tampon in mixture, apply vaginally every 4 hours and overnight. Relief should occur within 3 days. If symptoms resolve before 3 days, continue treatment for 3 days for maximum healing.

Tea Tree Oil blends well with eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, marjoram, oregano, pine, ravintsara, rosemary, thyme,

Contraindications of Tea Tree

None known. Use highly diluted in children under 12. (10% tea tree or 10 drops tea tree per 100 drops of carrier oil or 1oz lotion)

Where to get Tea Tree Oil and other Essential Oils:

Please use caution when purchasing essential oils. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous producers in the marketplace. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most adulterated, contaminated of essential oils, therefore, it is crucial that you know you are buying high quality, pure essential oils. I get my essential oils from E3:

I buy my essential oils from Essential Three. I believe in their mission and how they do business. They provide excellent customer service, have loads of information and education on their website, and they aren’t an MLM that’s going to pressure you into joining.   Use the code PENNY10 to get a 10% discount.

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