Which Essential Oil Should I Buy…Part 2

Is There Really a Difference?

In Which Essential Oil Should I Buy? Part 1, I talked about how essential oils are manufactured, from seed to bottling.  We learned that a lot goes into producing a bottle of essential oil, and that along the way, there are multiple ways that manufacturers and distributors can affect the quality of the oil.

How and Where to Purchase Essential Oils

Now that you know some basics about essential oils, the next step is to find quality therapeutic grade oils. It’s not as easy as you’d think.  I’ve tried over ten different brands of essential oils, and I’m studying to become a certified clinical aromatherapist.  I’d like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two about essential oils, and I’d like to share with you some of what I know.  

  • You will want to know the education of the company and how much they are willing to invest in it for the sake of their customers.
  • Do they offer educational classes or provide educational materials? Do they conduct ongoing research?
  • Does the company have standards for production harvesting and distillation?
  • Do the producers independently verify the frequency of each batch of oils they produce?
  • Are the oils pure therapeutic quality?
  • What are the company’s quality control standards?
  • Do they test their oils?

These processes are expensive and will naturally be reflected in the cost of the oils.

A word about therapeutic grade essential oils

You are going to hear that there is no such thing as therapeutic quality essential oils.  I don’t believe that to be  true.  Therapeutic quality oils require proper distillation processes as well as attention to growing, harvesting, packaging and distribution. Many essential oil brands may be “pure” and they may be food grade quality, or fragrance quality, but are not therapeutic quality.

Essential Oils are little healing powerhouses.  

They promote healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Inhaled molecules of oil go to the lungs and find their way into the blood stream and eventually visit every cell in the body.  All of the various compounds of the whole oil visit every cell in the body.  Chemical interactions can occur, resulting in physical changes.  There can be hormone and enzyme responses.  The body can become sedated, stimulated, or relaxed by the action of certain oils.  Wounds may heal, inflammation and spasms may cease.  The lymbic system, also known as the emotional brain, is effected by essential oils through the olfactory pathway.  Essential oils act as antioxidants, improve nutrition, relieve physical pain and discomfort, combat the spread of disease, can penetrate the cell membranes of bacteria, and have even been know to fight against cancer.

Because of the power of these amazing oils, you can see how important it is to buy high quality, pure, unadulterated, therapeutic quality essential oils.

So, Which Oils?

Below you will find a list of ten brands of  oils that I have used, 10 is my favorite.  Oils ranges in price from super cheap, to very expensive.  I believe that you get what you pay for. But, I also believe that something is better than nothing. So, please use essential oils. Use them safely and carefully. Please contact me if you have any questions.  I’m  glad to help you.  

  1. Now.  Now can be found at natural stores, health stores.  The price on them is fairly low. Knowing what I know about producing high quality essential oils, I believe they are adulterated. 
  2. Aura Cacia:  Aura Cacia is found in health stores and grocery stores.  Their label says they are therapeutic grade, pure essential oils.  I have reason to believe they may be adulterated. 
  3.  Wyndmere.  This company is located in Minnesota and supplies hospitals and health care settings.  They aren’t horrible, and I’ve used them in Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities.
  4.   E3.  Essential Three is a company owned by women who’s mission is to offer essential oils at an affordable price.  
  5.  Mountain Rose.  These oils are reportedly all organic, 100% pure essential therapeutic quality oils.   I like them, for the price, they aren’t horrible.
  6. Be Young:  Dana Young is the brother of Gary Young of Young Living.  Dana and Gary both have an affinity for creating the finest essential oils on the planet.  Be Young has amazing oils.  I have used them and love them. They are a direct marketing company like DoTerra and Young Living.  Even though I didn’t want to join another MLM, I wanted to like this company, but I felt this company never really took off, and they seem to be unable to get out of the shadow of Young Living.  They do have nice oils, but I think they are more expensive than Young Living.  I’m not a member anymore, and don’t have a link to their website. If you’re going to choose between Be Young and Young Living, go with Young Living. I’d go with Be Young over DoTerra, too.  You’ll notice that DoTerra is not on my list, that’s because I’ve never tried them.  I have nothing negative to say about them other than I think they tend to spend a lot of time bashing Young Living, thought.   High quality, tiny bottles.
  7. Nature’s Gift: This is a company that is located in Tennessee and is often recommended by many published aromatherapists.  The website has a wealth of information and  education.  High quality oils.
  8. Original Swiss Aromatics:   Kurt Schaubelt, a world renowned published aromatherapist owns this company.  He’s highly regarded in the aromatherapy community, offers courses and classes, and is highly knowledgable in medical aromatherapy and the chemistry of the oils.  These are authentic, superior quality oils, highly recommended. 
  9.  Veriditas Botanicals:  This is a fine company in Minnesota that has pretty darn good oils.  They’ve been distributing to health stores and natural co-ops, but have recently introduced their oils to an upscale grocery chain in the Minneapolis area.  They are my go-to oil when I need something immediately.  They are a bit expensive, because they come in tiny bottles. You can find them on sale sometimes, though. They can be purchased at Lunds and Byerlys in Minnesota, and many natural food co-ops. Click the link above for a list of retailers around the country, and they can be ordered online, too.   
  10.  Young Living.   I just love their oils.  I dragged my feet for years in resistance, and was determined that I would not become affiliated with Young Living. I didn’t want to join YET ANOTHER MLM COMPANY. In fact, it took me two years to make the decision to join.  But, when I was given the opportunity to use and test these essential oils extensively, I was sold.  I believe that they really are the finest oils available.  They are spectacular.  They are very expensive, it’s true, and may have priced themselves out of many people’s budgets.  But as an aromatherapist, I want to provide to my clients the finest oils available.    I find that I use FAR fewer drops of Young Living Oils than any of the other brands. They are so pure, so potent, that truly a little goes a very long way.  They are scrupulously tested for purity, from seed to seal, as their motto goes.  Young Living has been in the news in past history, and there are A LOT of people out there who are more than happy to bad-mouth and try to discredit the Young Living company.  I don’t know what all the motivation is behind the attacks, but I do know that there are people who are simply vehemently against MLM/direct sales companies, and that might be fueling some of the controversy. For my purposes, Young Living has the best oils, and they happen to be an MLM type of company.  The other thing I will say is that there are a lot of Young Living Independent Distributors that do not know very much about essential oils, and are not certified aromatherapists.  Please be careful about who you get information from, and who you listen to.  Many will try to diagnose, prescribe, and treat, without having the education to back up their claims.   Young Living is the only oil company that I do receive compensation from, when people buy from me or become members.


Please continue to come back here for more information about essential oils. I’ll be talking about how to use oils safely, I’ll provide recipes and tips for a variety of uses.   Please use essential oils very carefully. They are powerful liquid gold and if used improperly, there can be safety issues. In addition, if you are unfamiliar with how to use the oils, you might end up wasting a lot of money, because truly, less is more!

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