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Minnesota: winter and road construction; kinda like my life

Minnesota has two seasons: winter and road construction

Road Work Ahead Sign

My life is like road construction

If you’ve ever lived through road construction here, you know all about the countless detours, roadblocks, pot holes, closed off-ramps, closed on-ramps, crumbling bridges that are falling down, and not to mention passive-aggressive drivers (so typical of Minnesota), angry drivers, and buick drivers (you know who I’m talking about…..the ones who won’t take that Buick past 50mph in the fast lane). The roads and bridges in Minnesota are a mess and worry-free routes are few and far between. Kind of like my life: in perpetual road construction.

Over the past several years, I have experienced numerous major life-changing events.

Many of them were purposeful and intentional. Exactly one year ago, I sold my big house of 19 years, bought a tiny cottage near the lake, and had plans to downsize, simplify, get back to basics, unwind, relax, and enjoy life by the lake. The sailing was smooth and the winds were light. I even landed a fabulous job with excellent pay. What could be better? I downsized my mortage payment by 60% and I increase my income by 50%. Finally, things were looking good! But as so often is the trend in my world, fair weather is often short-lived. The winds picked up, the storm blew in, and I got relentlessly slammed in the face, time after time after time, like a Minnesota blizzard in February.

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