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The many benefits of coconut oil

Returning to nature for your medicine cabinet doesn’t require exotic ingredients. In fact, I mostly stick with easily obtainable, simple ingredients.  One of my absolute favorite additions to my natural medicine cabinet is  COCONUT OIL. Organic, virgin coconut oil.

trader joes coconut oilYou’ll see arbitrary language on coconut oil labels. The main thing to keep in mind is virgin, or cold pressed.  Here is what Trader Joe’s says about their organic coconut oil: “To make our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil our supplier starts with freshly harvested coconuts that are de-husked and grated. Then, when the meat of the coconut is still fresh, it’s cold pressed and filtered to remove any remaining pieces of the fruit. That’s the process. Nothing more. Some coconut oil is extracted using high heat, chemicals and even bleach. Not ours. Producing the oil in this more pure, natural way, we are able to retain the nutrients, flavor characteristics and aromas of fresh coconuts. Use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in cooking – it stands up to relatively high heat and imparts a distinctive flavor – in salad dressings, for baking, and even as a moisturizer for dry skin. It’s true! It will fluctuate from a liquid to a solid state, depending on the temperature at which it’s stored, so don’t be surprised when you see liquid in a jar that’s been stored in a hot pantry.” Read More→