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Nursing Isn’t  ‘all that’

Twelve years ago my life went through dramatic change and I was faced with making a decision about my future so I decided to go back to school and chose nursing as a second career. From my first day of my first nursing class, I wondered if I made the right choice. I was trained, educated, and indoctrinated about the wonders of modern medicine. The pharmaceuticals, the devices, the procedures, the surgeries, the reactive approach to illness and disease, the vaccines, the infections that don’t respond to antibiotics anymore, the management of medication side effects, the sometimes mindless following of doctor’s orders, the virtual requirement of a doctor’s order to touch a patient (I exaggerate a little).     All this didn’t make sense and I quickly became disenchanted.   My ears always perked up when a topic would involve alternative or complementary therapies.   Unfortunately, we never spent much time on them, because they were on the periphery of medicine and “not scientific”. But I persevered, flew through nursing school, passed my state board exam with flying colors and quickly became gainfully employed as a nurse. Being that I wasn’t a 22 year old fresh out of college new grad, but a seasoned ‘forty something’ mom, I thought I knew the direction to take, and I fast-tracked my career through floor nursing, charge nurse, case manager and director of nursing. I was a success but never lost my taste and passion for alternative healing.

Aromatherapy and Healing Touch

To satisfy my hunger for alternative healing, I enrolled in a program that will lead to certification as a clinical aromatherapist. I saw much more potential on this path and also enrolled in the Healing Touch Program that will also lead to certification as a healing touch practitioner. The two modalities form a synergistic bond that is astounding.

Yeah, I am a hippie. I think if I was alive during the witch trials of Colonial America, I’d probably have been burned at the stake. But, I’m not that “woo-woo”, and my quest is for truth, science, and natural healing, but not straying too far from my Christian roots.

The letter I received from the coordinator for my very first weekend of aromatherapy classes asked students to bring a pendulum if possible. A pendulum???   What did I get myself into? Happily, through Divine Intervention, as I was absorbing the wonders of aromatherapy that weekend, I learned that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Healing touch, energy healing, meridians and chakras weren’t as far off the Judeo-Christian track as I thought.  And little did I know that weekend was the first step toward my future as a healer.

As I train and study, the focus of my blog will be to share with you all the wonderful things I’m learning. During my training, I will be conducting research, interning, and will be guided under a mentor. Part of my training will be to practice all the techniques on friends, family, and the community.  Thus:

West Wind Healing: Aromatherapy and Healing Touch

This week, West Wind Healing was born.   My alternative healing practice.My response to nursing not being “all that….”      I will be offering healing sessions and distance healing.   Do you know someone who could benefit from healing?   Let me rephrase that. Do you know someone who is looking to promote their health, wants to feel better, would like to enhance their immune system, elevate their mood, feel happier, heal their emotions, heal their emotional heart, needs help with relaxing, needs help sleeping better, needs help managing stress and frustration, or needs to improve their mental clarity?

Healing sessions in my home, possibly yours, but I like to create a sacred healing space.   I also will go to facilities, nursing homes, senior living communities, assisted living, hospice, and hospitals. So if you know someone who has a need, I’m ready, willing and able!   Distance healings will be done via Skype, or cell phone.

The best part?   I won’t be charging an official fee while I am a student of these modalities. However, I do have expenses, and my tuition is high, so I would gracefully accept donations to help cover costs. Please click here to contact me.

I’m excited to have FINALLY partnered with an essential oils company that I truly believe in.    Please click here for more information.

Next post will be about “what in the world is healing touch?”PennySue Mueller

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