How to Live a Less Toxic Life in 2015

How to live a less toxic life in 2015

Cook from scratchOf all the conditions, diseases and disorders that I’ve seen over the years, Alzheimer’s disease scares me the most. I work with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in my job every day.  As the years have passed, something eats at me daily, and that is my belief that Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Loss can be preventable. I believe that many of today’s diseases are exacerbated by our environment, from the pesticides, herbicides, chemicals in our food, the heavy metals including FLOURIDE in our water, to the chemicals we are exposed to every day from cooking with teflon or aluminum cookware, and the plastic packaging that is EVERYWHERE, and all the ridiculous ingredients in our personal care products that we use every day.

I’m trying to live a less toxic life in 2015

For the past few years, I have been working very hard to reduce the toxic load to which my family and I are exposed. I buy as much organic as I can afford. I cook from scratch as much as I can. I have started to invest in cast iron cookware and am getting rid of my teflon and nonstick cookware. I use glass as much as possible in place of aluminum for baking.

Making KombuchaI make my own soap and hand wash. I make my own deodorant. I make my own toothpaste. I make my own makeup foundation. I make kombucha for the health benefits of the fermented cultures. I have reduced the toxic cleaning products in my home and use many “old fashioned” recipes for cleaning and you won’t find “antibacterial” soap in my house. I bring my own home-made instant hand sanitizer to work. (Thank God Minnesota has banned triclosan, but not until 2016, however many manufacturers have voluntarily removed the ingredient from their products) I make tinctures from plant materials for healing benefits. I use essential oils daily. I don’t eat meat. I have greatly reduced my dairy consumption because of the garbage that the poor cows are injected with, and because of the less than humane mainstream dairy industry. I would prefer to find a raw milk source, but our overreaching government has made it a felony to sell raw milk because they seem to think it’s a health risk. (But Monsanto isn’t? Go figure) We don’t have anything with high fructose corn syrup in our house. I will not consume canola oil. I would eat a stick of butter before I’d eat something with canola oil in it. Sidebar: why do most countries in Europe either ban or simply NOT use canola oil?

Take baby steps to reduce toxins in your life in 2015

I’m not perfect,  I slip up and I make mistakes. (and you know what? Sometimes a pack of Twizzlers just tastes good!)  I will be the first to admit, that when I become fixated on toxins, I can get obsessed and  go a little crazy.  I’ve learned to temper my approach and refine my attitude. I believe that every little bit helps. The list of toxic assault in our world is endless and overwhelming but I am a realist. I know we can’t eliminate every toxic exposure. But we can try. Baby steps. Stop using commercial deodorant that is loaded with aluminum. Cut back on your consumption of meat that is laced with antibiotics and every chemical the animal consumed throughout its life. Stop cooking with aluminum. Go organic as much as you can afford–and it is possible to do on a budget. Read ingredient labels. IMG_4461Eliminate high fructose corn syrup. Buy more natural personal care items. Cook from scratch so you can be in control of the ingredient label.  Get a water filter to eliminate toxic flouride in your water. I recommend Big Berkey.

Less toxic nail care for 2015

I’m cursed with bad finger nails. My toenails are fine, so I know it is  not a deficiency. Its just genetic. Anyway, I can’t grow my nails. As a nurse, I use my hands a lot, and I wash them a lot. But, appearance is important to me, and when I’m caring for my patients with my gnarly, stubby, yucky fingernails, it’s embarrassing. Up until very recently, I was getting gel nail tips at the nail salon every two weeks. First of all, it’s expensive. Second, the fumes. Third, the list of ingredients made me ridiculously nervous, and I knew I had to stop this guilty pleasure. Not wanting to spend the money anymore, I took off my beautiful gel nails and was left with broken, peeling, thin nails.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a company that markets nail wraps that contain only one ingredient, and that is acrylates copolymer which is a far cry from the ingredient list on gels, nail polish, and nail remover. No formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) , no toulene (a chemical found in gasoline-that pretty much disqualifies it from my list of okay items right there), and no Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) (this chemical is banned in Europe–those wacky Europeans-so forward thinking!), and no latex.

So cute even on short nails!

Jamberry Launch

Finally, I found nail products that are not toxic to me and my family, make my nails beautiful, and are positively fun!

I completely believe in this product. In fact,  I am so taken by Jamberry Nail Wraps, that I became an independent consultant. If you’d like to learn more about this absolutely amazing product,please send me an email, go to my Jamberry website, or find me on my Jamberry Facebook Page.

Ever heard this? “Everything causes cancer, so why even bother?”  People are living longer, that’s why there are SO MANY new diagnoses of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Did you know that if we live long enough, we all will get cancer?  All of this is true, so why not at least try? Take baby steps to reduce your toxic exposure, and help improve your health and quality of life now, and as you age.
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