Heart Work

What is Healing Touch, anyway?

Healing Touch is Heart Work

Healing Touch, is a technique that has its origin in the laying-on of hands which can be found in all spiritual paths. This form of healing is based on a philosophy of caring and compassion and is oriented towards service to community. It is healing not for its own sake but for the sake of others. In the Judeo-Christian path, there are many ways to use one’s hands with the intention of healing that are based in the Scriptures and in Christian tradition.

The scriptures consider the heart to be the center of our being. Hundreds of references in the Bible refer to the heart. We communicate to God through our heart:  our brokenness and emotional turmoil, our joy and happiness. God knows us better than we know ourselves through our hearts. We are told through scriptures that the Spirit of God resides in our hearts. The term “heart” is  part of our vernacular.  When we are not “centered” we say we are not coming from our hearts. Or when we are not fully committed to something, we say our heart is not in it.

The heart is where we find our soul, the deepest part of us. The heart has its own rhythm and does not rely upon the brain to give it direction. The heart generates electrical energy and the heart’s electromagnetic field reaches to all the cells in the body and has even been measured several feet away from the body. The frequencies within this magnetic field change as our thoughts and emotions change.  Emotions cause the most immediate and measurable changes in the electrical system of the heart.

The heart is a major energy center of the body and holds the code that represents the soul. The heart thinks, and the cells remember. The heart has emotional intelligence. The more we are able to listen with our hearts, the more balanced and coherent our emotions become. The more balanced and coherent our emotions are, the less likely we will experience sickness and disease.

Heart Work

The soul of Healing Touch is heart work. Any practitioner should I aim to have an open heart and practice deep compassion, forgiveness, gentleness and acceptance in my healing work. I reach out and touch hurting hearts not with an expectation that healing will look a certain way, but with trust that God will answer my prayer for healing. I energetically synchronize my heart to the heart of another who is hurting. I extend the qualities of love that are nurturing, connecting and integrating. Our heart actually generates a far more powerful magnetic field than our brain, and it is the harmonic connection between  heart and brain that lies at the root of deep healing. By lifting the hurting person to God in prayer, hands-on healing, and anointing with essential oils, healing occurs.

Heart Healing

The goal of heart healing is the relief of suffering, the solace of grief and heartache and the healing of brokenness.We live in a touch-deprived world and have lost sight of healing with touch, and the importance of healing the heart.  The power of annointing with essential oils coupled with prayer and hands on healing is a powerful tool and will enhance any traditional healthcare intervention.  

How is the health of your emotional heart?  Do you need some Heart Work? If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me. 

Next time I’ll talk about how your emotional heart has a direct bearing on your physical health.

Reference:  Linda L Smith.  Healing Oils Healing Hands. 2nd Edition.  2008.

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