What are the Chakras?

We have energy centers which are whirling wheels of energy that emanate from an energy power current that lies somewhere along the spinal column. The ancient Sanskrit word for these centers is chakras.  People who are clairvoyant and visualize these energy centers say they appear as whirling wheels of color and light.

This power current  extends from the top of the head to the floor of the perineum with five more centers lying between that whirl outward from the front and back of the body.  Each of the seven centers provides energy for the part of the body to which it is connected usually through hormonal glands.  Each chakra, from one to seven, is progressively more “advanced” with universal life lessons, spiritual messages, growth and development in stages.  With each stage of development, we gain a more refined understanding of personal and spiritual power.  These seven spiritual life lessons direct us toward greater consciousness.  If, along the way, we ignore the lessons, or don’t learn from them, illness can be manifested.


Stay tuned for the remaining three chakras…….