Inner Healing Emotional Release

People are often stuck in the pain of their emotional hurts and relationships, and as a result, have physical illnesses.  Deep-seated, long-held emotional hurts, beliefs, wounds, feelings and thoughts actually become part of our cellular structure…..our very DNA.

The basic belief behind inner healing is that Jesus or God, or Divine Source, can take the memories of our past and heal them.  Furthermore, Jesus can fill those empty places with his love once our past hurts and resentment have been removed.  It is always God’s desire for us to be whole. Our psychological hurts prevent us from living with the inner freedom that belongs to the children of God.

When we become aware that we are being held down in any way by the hurts of the past, Inner Healing is called for.  Any unreasonable fear, anxiety or compulsion caused by patterns in our past can be healed. This also included lifelong patterns or worthlessness, sense of inadequacy, anger, depression, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, unreasonable fears, poor self-image, self-doubt, compulsive sexual drives and other problems we would like to change but have been unable to do so simply by deciding to change.  Something deeper needs to be healed.  In addition, painful memories of rape, trauma, post-traumatic delayed shock, childhood memories, marriage and family hurts, separation, divorce, and grief are all examples of events that still may carry emotional pain that can be healed.

In this healing, essential play a vital part in assisting with the releasing of emotions.  In fact, the session of Inner Healing Emotional Release, over a dozen specifically selected essential oils may be applied during the session, in sequence, with great intention.

If you recognize troubling emotions that are holding you back in life, Inner Healing Emotional Release may be the answer.  This is no psychotherapy, and I am not a psychotherapist or a counselor.  My job as a facilitator of healing is to provide a safe environment of unconditional love and acceptance without judgment for you.

An Inner Healing Emotional Release session will run about 90 minutes in length, and will include guided visualization through a life review from birth to the present, designed to recognize, acknowledge, and release memories that are keeping you stuck and holding you back.  With the release of negative emotions and oppressive feelings, room is made for peace and calm, and reason for celebration.

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