Fire Cider

Nature is so amazing. As I move toward a more natural and holistic lifestyle, I am having a blast learning about how to incorporate some miraculous and healing foods into my diet.  Some people think that a ‘natural lifestyle’ is difficult, expensive, inconvenient and time consuming.  It can be. But as I research natural living, I am focusing on finding easy ways for the average person to incorporate natural health into their lifestyles. I love to research and experiment, and I am always creating some new science experiment in my kitchen.  My current projects are creating all natural herbal tinctures. I’m creating a recipe for an all natural herbal tincture to support menopausal hormone imbalance. I’m also creating a tincture of calcium from herbs, and I’m making some new essential oil blends based off a very expensive multi-level marketing company’s’ blends.  And, I’m very excited that I will be starting to home brew my own kombucha tea in a few weeks.  I will be writing about all of these adventures in my kitchen,so please check back here often.

Fire Cider

I recently wrote a post called 31 reasons why you should love garlic in which I highlighted how truly amazing this fragrant herb is. If you missed it, please read it, you’ll find some wonderful uses for garlic and you’ll see how versatile it is.  One of my recent creations in the kitchen has been my brew of fire cider, a tonic of garlic, ginger, onion, habanero pepper, horseradish and apple cider vinegar.  After examining several recipes, I tweaked, made a few changes, and have come up with my own version of Fire Cider.

History of Fire Cider and Ingredients

Fire Cider is known as the modern day plague tonic  because it has the ability to help heal many stubborn illnesses and diseases. I can’t prove it helps all the things that  many claim it does, but I do know that it is packed with ridiculous amounts of anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties.  In addition,  it’s great for your circulatory system , clears your sinuses and it helps your blood get all the good stuff where it needs to go.

Be warned! This stuff is NOT for pansies, young children, or those on anti-coagulate medications. If you are generally healthy to begin with and need to kick a cold, flu or other acute illness quickly, then go ahead and give this a try!

garlic is an effective natural remedy to fight spring allergiesGarlic: One of the most popular herbs used because of its undeniable antibiotic strength. Garlic is antibacterial ant-fungal, antiviral and anti-parasitical. It also improves blood flow and boosts the immune system; protecting against viruses, fungus, and other diseases.

Fire CiderGinger root:  Ginger’s enzymes can   improve the movement of food through the digestive tract and also counteract inflammation, increase blood flow and circulation, relieve pain and warm the body. Great herb to combat chills from the flu.

White onion:  Onions help stimulate your immune system. Has the same properties as garlic.

Hot Peppers:  Peppers contain a phytochemical that impedes the brains perception of pain. It also significantly reduces pain and discomfort caused by a number of conditions. Hot peppers are also known as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and digestive aid herb. (I habanero)

Horseradish: This is one of the most potent herbs you can use for clear sinus congestion. Horseradish is a strong expectorant and contains anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic properties and increases blood flow to the head.

Apple Cider Vinegar:  Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is a prebiotic, which feeds probiotics (the healthy microflora in your inner ecosystem). Watch for my next post, which will be devoted to the wonderful healing properties of raw apple cider vinegar!

How To Make Your Fire Cider

You will need:

  • Equal parts of chopped garlic,  grated ginger, chopped white onion(use white onion, they are the hottest),  chopped hot peppers( habanero,cayenne, or the hottest pepper you can fine) and  shredded horseradish {about 3/4 cup each for small batch and up to 2 cups each for large batch}
  • Raw, unfiltered, unbleached, no-distilled apple cider vinegar {enough to completely cover herbs}
  • Gloves {absolutely essential for when  you are handling fresh hot peppers, and for preventing garlic and onion smelling hands}
  • Glass mason jar with tight fitting lid
  • Plastic wrap

Fill your glass jar 3/4 of the way full with equal parts, by volume (i.e. a cupful each) of the above freshly chopped and grated herbs.   After all the chopping, I had the clearest sinuses I’ve ever had in my life.  My eyes burned and watered like crazy, and I had to take a couple breaks.   You can do all the  processing in a blender or food processor, and many people do.  I think that is okay to do, I just don’t do it that way, because I like to do all my recipes as simple and manual as possible.  

Fire CiderAfter placing all your fresh ingredients 3/4 full into the mason jar, cover with the unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar. Because the vinegar will rust the lid, place a layer of plastic wrap over the rim of the jar before screwing on the lid. Shake the jar vigorously to mix the ingredients and move out the air pockets. Top of with more vinegar if needed.

Place jar in a cool dark place to age. Shake jar at least once a day. Allow to age at least 2 weeks, but up to 6 weeks. The longer your tonic ages, the stronger it will be. I usually let mine age 4-6 weeks. Be sure to write down your ingredients, amounts, and the date.  

When the time is right, strain your tonic:  Line a strainer with several layers of  cheesecloth and place over a bowl. Put on gloves.  Carefully pour the contents of your jar into the cheesecloth. Squeeze the pulp-filled cheesecloth to get all of the precious juice. Save the pulp in a separate jar and put in fridge. This can be used as a rub, or condiment, or for salad dressings.  Pour the liquid back into the mason jar and allow to sit overnight to let the sediment settle. The next day, filter Fire Ciderthe liquid through an unbleached paper coffee filter to eliminate the rest of the sediment into clean, amber-colored glass jars with tight-fitting lids.  

Store in a cool dark place. Does not need to be refrigerated.  This tonic has an “indefinite” shelf life, but I don’t like to keep mine around longer than  a year.  

How to use Fire Cider

Remember:  this isn’t for wimps.  Just a sniff is too much for some people!

It take 1/2 ounce every day as a preventative.  

At the first tingle of illness, take 1/2 to 1 ounce two or more times daily.  Gargle and swallow.

If you’re fighting an illness, take the above dosage 5-6 daily. It can be used during pregnancy and it’s safe for children (use smaller doses and mixed with raw honey for children over 2) since this is completely non-toxic food.

Some say diluting it in water may reduce its potency, but I disagree and believe you should try to get it down any way you can.

Are you brave enough to try your own batch of Fire Cider?  I get my bottles and supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs. 

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