Essential Oils

After years of studying and research, I have decided to partner with and recommend Young Living Essential Oils.  I will be using Young Living exclusively in my practice, and will only recommend this brand to my clients.  Over the years I have tried eight different brands of essential oils.  Some were garbage, some were very good, but most were mediocre.   Young Living is the only manufacturer that I found consistency time after time, bottle after bottle.  In my opinion, they offer the highest quality and ethics available.

My price  comparison has revealed that contrary to popular belief, Young Living is NOT the most expensive essential oil manufacturer.  Their prices are pretty competitive to some other prominent companies.  However, they sometimes seem like they are pricier, because most of their bottles come in 15ml size, whereas many companies sell theirs in 5ml size.  15ml is going to last you a good long time.  And Young Living is SO potent, that you will find that you use far fewer drops than any other brand you’ve tried.  Some of the very valuable oils do tend to be more expensive, but I truly believe that they are worth the price….worth their weight in gold.  The seed to seal promise is real.  The high frequency of these oils if off the charts. 

I love Young Living.   If you want to shop, please just click this link and you’ll be taken to the Young Living website.  My distributor number will already be populated in the field and you’ll have access to shop.  I would highly recommend that you enroll for wholesale because you’ll be able to save 24% on all of your orders.  That’s far better than paying retail. 


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