Easy Ways to Save Money

Easy Ways to Save Money

Saving hundreds of dollars every month doesn’t have to be painful, it can be fun, and it’s very easy to do.

Easy Ways to Save Money On Food

1. Drink water. Skip sports drinks and juices.
2. Stop drinking soda…..but if that’s not an option, get a soda stream. You can make a liter of sparkling water for about thirty cents. That’s a lot cheaper than buying sparkling water.
3. Skip the coffee shop. Make your own at home, fill your thermos and bring your coffee with you. You will save hundreds of dollars.
4. Buy gourmet whole bean coffee at Trader Joes or Costco. It’s MUCH cheaper than the grocery store.
5. Pack your kids lunch. My kids are teen agers, and aside from them not liking the “new, healthier menu” at school that tastes like cardboard, they don’t get enough to eat, so they have to buy ala carte items, in addition to their main meal, that really adds up! So, we pack lunch every day.
6. Pack your own lunch instead of eating out. I don’t need to tell you how expensive it is to eat out every day for lunch.
7. Cut down on meat by 2 meals per week and you’ll save money on your grocery bill. You don’t necessarily have to buy the “Boca” or frozen meat alternatives, as they are about as expensive as meat. There are plenty of meatless recipies: Veggie Lasagna, Meatless Spaghetti sauce, 13 bean chili, etc.
8. Grow your own herbs….they taste amazing, are healthier, and cost a lot less than those blister pack “fresh” herbs in the produce department at the grocery store.
9. Stop ordering delivery and make your own healthy, homemade pizza.
10. Stop buying packaged cookies and snacks and make your own….all you have to do is look at the ingredient list on a package of cookies to be convinced that homemade is better! Costs less, too.

Easy Ways to Save Money On Utilities

11. Cut your cable service. I don’t have an antennae on my house, so cable tv is pretty much a must if I want any tv reception. I’ve cut back to one of the most basic plans, got rid of all premium channels, got rid of the DVR box.. I use Hulu and Netflicks, connect my laptop to the TV and watch movies and tv shows for almost free.
12. Turn down the thermostat. “Mom, I’m cold, can I turn up the heat?”….Tongue in cheek, I quote Ebenezar Scrooge “You’ll already used your chunk of coal for the day”….Seriously, though, by wearing a sweater and turning down the heat a few degrees in the winter, and turning up the A/C in the summer can have a dramatic effect on your utility bill.

easy ways to save money13. Unplug EVERYTHING. Cell phone chargers continue to draw electricity even when a phone is not plugged into it….as long as a power cord is plugged into the wall, your are pouring money down the drain! Unplug everything possible to save on your electric bill.
14. Hang dry your clothes. My gas dryer died over a year ago. It is old, and over the years, I’ve paid for it to be repaired at least 4 times. The last time it stopped drying, I decided that was the end of it. Not wanting to spend the money at the time for a new dryer, I started hanging my clothes to dry. I put up retractible clothes lines that I got at Home Depot outside and in my basement. I just retract them when I’m not using them.
15. Shop for the best, lowest priced cell phone provider. Don’t be afraid to threaten your current provider that you’re thinking of leaving, especially if you’ve been a long-time customer, they most often will offer you a better plan.
16. Learn how to repair. I’ve been doing my own basic plumming for years. I bought a “Do It Yourself Home Repairs book that has paid for itself many times over. Just the other night I saved at least $100 on a plumber service call by unclogging a drain myself—no, not liquid draino….this was a mammoth clog that required taking apart the trap, using a drain snake, and pulling out a clog the size of a small cat….

Easy Ways To Save Money On Entertainment and Recreation and Medical

17.Skip the gym membership….walk, run, bike, hike, roller blade, use that thing that used to be a treadmill but became a clothes rack in your basement.
18. Go back to your natural color, or color your hair yourself.
19. Red Box movie night. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy saving at least $40 for movie, popcorn and pop for 2 at the theater.
20. Boost your immune system to avoid those costly clinic visit copays. I use Isagenix Ionix Supreme every day. Working with sick kids day in and day out, I’m a likely candidate for getting sick, but in a year and a half, since Ionix Supreme and it’s immune boosting ingredients, I haven’t taken a personal sick day.

Once you get in the habit of really examining where your money goes every month, it soon becomes second-nature to save money every day and soon you’ll find your own easy ways to save money. Keep track of those savings, get really good at being frugal, and you might find you have anywhere from several hundred, to a few thousand extra dollars at the end of the year! If you have other easy ways to save money, I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or contact me!

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