Christianity and the Chakras

When I call upon God, energy flows through my whole being and out my hands to assist others in coming into balance and harmony. I call this experience grace, for it is God’s gift to me.

Everything alive has energy, and all energy contains information. Surrounding every living being is an energy field. Recognized by science as the biofield,  it contains layers and is also known as the aura. It extends approximately an arm’s length in all directions.

The biofield is consists of seven layers. The first layer is where pain and discomfort are generally experienced and later reflected in the physical body. This layer is anywhere from a quarter to two inches out from the body. This a a blueprint of the physical body and can actually be repatterned following surgery or trauma for quick healing.

The second layer is where we store our emotions, particularly lower emotions such as anger, sadness and desire. This layer isn’t as structured as the first layer and is more fluid, extending 1-3 inches out from the physical body.

The third layer is involved in thought, creativity,invention and inspiration. It appears as a halo 3-8 inches out from the body.

The fourth layer is composed of higher spiritual layers. Many have identified this as a high spiritual part of us where our soul resides. This is where our “highest self” operates. It is our wise inner knowing, the place where the big picture is seen.

There are three higher layers, that are very high spiritual layers.

Many healers believe that dis-ease begins in the biofield and then transmits to the physical body.

Along with the biofield, we also have energy centers. These are whirling wheels of energy that emanate from an energy power current that lies somewhere along the spinal column. The ancient Sanskrit word for these energy centers is chakras.

This power current extends from the top of the head where the crown center exists to the root center found in the floor of the perineum. Five more energy centers whirl between the crown and the root. Each of the seven energy centers provides energy for part of the body and each is connected with hormonal glands that keep the body in perfect working order. Each energy center also contains a universal spiritual message that correspond with seven stages of growth and development from basic to highly advanced consciousness. When we ignore the message and lessons of these centers, illness can be manifested.

These energy centers, these Chakras, have been known of for thousands of years, but have been shunned, scorned, thought of as evil and devilish for decades, even centuries, by Christians. I’ve heard them called demonic doorways. So how do I, as a Christian, reconcile with the long-held belief that Chakras are pagan, evil, etc.?  For crying out loud, I grew up being taught that yoga is evil, and meditation opens the door to demonic possession. My mother would turn over in her grave if she knew that I own a deck of Tarot cards!  How does a nice Christian girl like me fall so far from Biblical truth?  Well……..

Seven is a sacred number in the Bible, coincidence that there are seven major chakras? I think not. The seven major chakras correspond with the colors of the rainbow-God’s promise to Noah. Coincidence? I think not. The Church has seven sacraments, and each corresponds with a truth about the chakras. Coincindence? I think not. They also correspond with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Coincidence? I think not.

There is nothing in the Bible that specifically discusses chakras. We cannot point to a specific verse that mentions the word chakra to give us God’s view on the topic. So it can’t be said that chakras violate any biblical principle.

Chakras are considered both transmitters and receivers of energy. “Meridians” are energy pathways in the body through which this energy flows. Having balanced chakras and meridians is needed to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality healthy. A body can get illness and dis-ease in a host of areas when there is blockage or instability in either the chakras or meridian pathways.

As living beings, we run on energy. There are energy pathways in our bodies. We know there are pathways for blood, nerves, and lymph in our bodies, so why wouldn’t God have created pathways for energy to flow through our bodies? We are energetic organisms, infused by God’s divine energy. The Bible declares that God is all and in all (Col. 3:11) and in Him all things hold together (Col. 1:17). High school science class teaches us that all atoms have electrons spinning around them, and that it is the flow of electrons that produce energy and current. Science has confirmed that we are energy beings on the molecular level.

I believe that chakras are spiritual energy centers that receive and release the spiritual life force of Almighty God in and out of our physical and spiritual beings. I know when Jesus annointed and layed on hands to heal, there was a flow of God’s energy from Him into those He prayed for (Mk. 5:30). When someone touched his cloak, he even said he felt the energy flow out of him. (how cool is that???)    When I do annointing and healing in my practice,  I call upon my God, through Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.  The power is staggering, I am humbled every time, and I know it it not me, but Him.   Experiencing God’s loving energy flowing through me and around me, to my client, and in love, to their highest good blows me away every time. The honor is indescribable, and the results that I see are amazing.  Nobody will ever convince me that this is anything but God.   I can’t tell you how many times clients have asked me how many hands I have, because they feel the Presence, they feel the Spirit, and the Angels that I have asked to help.     Yes,   I believe in energy and energy pathways.

To me, God is not a just mass of energy out there in the universe.  He is a personal, loving, compassionate, wonderful God. That’s why I chose to train at the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, which teaches energy healing from a Christian perspective, drawing from Scripture and looking to Christ as the mentor of anointing and healing through the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was the great teacher who literally showed us how to heal, if we would only listen and not let the dogma and doctrine get in the way.  In my own practice, I’m just trying to do it the way “Jesus did it”. The state of religion and the state of modern medicine would be entirely different if we were more attuned to our spiritual roots.  While this might sound blasphemous to some, healing energy work is not any different from what Jesus and the disciples and apostles did.  God is much more than a flow of energy. Healing is much more than a flow of energy. It begins and ends in the compassion of a wonderful and loving God (Mk. 6:34). And the energy medicine that I practice, the healing touch energy work and aromatherapy, is of God and I am but a pen in His hand.PennySue Mueller

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