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Offering choices about your own personal healing through energy healing, aromatherapy and prayer 

Vibration underlies every aspect of life.  

From atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, bodies, and entire systems.  From cellular respiration and division, the heart beat, nerve impulses up and down the spine, to brain waves, our bodies each have their own vibrational signature and rhythm.  This is orderly and organized.  There is no chaos.  The entire body oscillates within its own electromagnetic energy field and subtle energy field.  The body is a vibrant energy system containing the mind, spirit and physical body.


What is Aromatherapy?

In life, our bodies want harmony. Health is a positive energy that flows strong and coherent, while illness and disease manifest as negative, weak, incoherent energies.   When illness or disease are present, they might show up as chemical imbalances, but underlying this is an electromagnetic imbalance that has changed the molecules, cells, tissues and organs of the body.  Healing will occur when a healthy, positive frequency brings the cells back to a state of balance.  This is where energy work and essential oils come in.

An aromatherapist or energy healer assists in encouraging an ill field, an incoherent field, an unbalanced field to come back into strength, vibrancy, coherence and radiance.  A healer doesn’t heal, rather, he or she provides the stimulus and sufficient energy for the person’s spiritual being to heal itself.

What do you need at this juncture in your healing process to bring yourself back into balance?  

  • Harmony and balance?
  • Clarity?
  • Relief of pain?
  • Energy?
  • Relaxation?
  • Restfulness?
  • Sleep?
  • Spiritual Awareness?
  • Emotional Release?
  • Inner Strength?
  • Peacefulness?
  • Confidence?
  • Greater ability to concentrate?

Our energy field contains energy centers.  

Within our energy field are multiple energy centers that processes emotional events and traumas throughout our lifetimes.  We tend to store emotional memories in these centers.  This may explain why certain emotions affect one part of the body more than others.  This also may explain how a chronic physical issue may actually be a blockage of the flow of life-giving energy that resulted in illness.

One of the most common and troublesome blockages in the energy centers is chronic emotional stress.  Just as toxins in our environment can cause physical illness, emotional traumas can poison our bodies and our spirits, causing a whole hosts of issues.   Chronic anger, bitterness, hopelessness, loneliness, depression and hatred may lead to physical and emotional illness because these negative emotions create imbalances and blockages in the energy centers.

Often, we are not even aware of the emotional or spiritual issues that lay buried in our energy field, energy centers, or physical body.  If, however,  the emotional or spiritual issue gets released, physical manifestations of the problem will also be resolved and we will move back toward balance and wholeness.   As we let go of our emotional and spiritual pain, we are healed.  As a healer,  I only act as a healing presence to facilitate vibrational healing.  Image courtesy of samuiblue at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Prayer, energy healing and aromatherapy, can stir up emotions trapped in the field.  These emotions and feelings may have been stored in both the energy field and physical body for a very long time and may have played a part in the development of illness.  Depression,  anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, fear, tension, abuse, insecurity and feelings of being overwhelmed in life may be impacting you at this present time.  These healing techniques will stir up, agitate, or boost the subtle energy field and as a result bring about the healing that you’ve been looking for.  Energy healing or essential oil therapy stimulate the human energy field and allow it to reorganize and balance itself.  That is why I say that I don’t do the healing.  I only facilitate. Healing takes place by God and by you.

Alternative Healing Modalities

Maybe some day it will be common for medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists to use essential oils and energy healing to rebalance the emotional and spiritual patterns that contribute to physical and mental illnesses.  But, I’m not waiting for the western health practitioners to catch up and incorporate these modalities.  I’m using them for myself and my family, and I am working to educate and provide treatments to others to use these remedies from the earth to balance their own energies.

We have choices.  

We can make choices about our own personal healing.  We  can actively participate in our own healing,  or we can let the modern medical community make decisions about our health for us. 

As a student of aromatherapy and energy healing, I am offering healing sessions as I practice and move toward certification.  My practice is West Wind Healing, and I am doing face-to-face sessions in Minneapolis and Fargo.  I also do distance healing via Skype or phone.  Please click here if you’d like more information.  I have partnered with an amazing Essential Oils company.  If you are interested in the oils that I use, please click here for Plant Therapy Essential Oils, or here for  Young Living Essential Oils.

Sources Used:
Healing Oils Healing Hands, 2nd Edition, 2008. Linda L. Smith.


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