50 years ago, nature was our medicine cabinet

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I’m rediscovering Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

We live in an environment that would not have made sense 100 years ago. So separate from our surroundings and light years away from the way our ancestors used to live that with our modern fast-paced lifestyles and our even faster food, we’re sicker in this generation that we’ve ever been before.

While modern medicine is remarkable, it relies too heavily on pharmacology and physical interventions in the form of surgery and invasive procedures designed to suppress symptoms.  The result is a failure to address the disharmony produced by the underlying disease.

Nothing beats nature itself, there’s simply no substitute for it. Nature is perfect and instinctively knows what to do and never second guesses itself. It doesn’t create mistakes and in our seemingly perfect concrete jungles that we live and work in, we’ve never been more detached from nature than we are now.

Case in point:   A person has a fever, and it is treated with a pill:  Advil or Tylenol and the fever goes down.  This practice fails to let the body deal with an unbalance and fails to ask important questions:  Why is the fever there in the first place? Why do we want to suppress the fever? Why are we preventing the body from doing what it was created to do?  In other words, by giving a pill to stop a fever, this is preventing the body’s natural processes.

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By rediscovering nature’s medicine cabinet, we are facilitating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

What is this blog about?

  • Facilitating the body’s innate ability to heal itself
  • Looking at essential oil therapy and energy work as the least invasive procedures possible that encourage healing and continued good health
  • Promoting holistic health and striving for physical, mental,spiritual, social and/or environmental balance
  • Offering choices about our own personal healing
  • Not waiting for western health practitioners to catch up with naturopathic healing.

In this blog, you will find remedies, recipes, articles, tips, resources and references to treat help bring your body, mind, spirit into balance and harmony. 

Today I am a  student working toward certification in clinical aromatherapy and becoming a healing touch practitioner.  I am learning how to provide a stimulus and sufficient energy for a person’s spiritual being to heal itself if it chooses.  I am learning how to facilitate a body to activate it’s own energies to move toward a dynamic state of equilibrium and balance, in order to heal itself.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a diagnostician, I’m not a pharmacist. I’m simply a nurse who is learning how to promote wellness naturally with essential oils  and energy work, with a passion for teaching and sharing what I learn with others.

**  Please note: I am not here to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or suggest replacements for what a health care provider prescribes

So, welcome!  Please make sure to check back often.

I am self-employed and this blog does contain affiliate links.  I only feature affiliate links for products and companies that I use and believe in.

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